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Firewall (MS - Mild Steel)

Tested for Propagation of fire up to two hours by National Test House.

Unprotected steelwork can reach temperatures of 550°C in a fire, where it then can lose its load bearing capacity and collapse. Basic safety dictates fire protection to upgrade the fire resistance of buildings.

Product Description: Oil based intumescent enamel paint. Product is certified for up to 2 hrs. fire ratings on specified dry thickness.

Intended Use: To protect steel structure from fire and propagation in case of fire.

Additional Product Information:

Application viscosity: Thixotropic / Ready to Use
Mix Ratio: Not applicable
Typical Film Thickness: 170 to 190 microns dry (single coat)
Required film thickness depends on fire ratings
Theoretical Coverage: 7(m2/lt) at 180 microns DFT.
Method of Application: Airless Spray, Brush, Roller.
Drying Information: Ambient Temperature (25°C)
Touch Dry: 2 Hours
Hard Dry: 4-5 Hours(Recoating Interval: Min. 5 hours)
Viscosity: 95 - 115
Approx. Weights: 1.3 ± .3kg. per ltr.
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of packing

Fire Rating Average Dry Thickness (Firewall)
30 min 250 microns
60 min 350-450 microns;
120 min 550-700 microns

In continuously improving technology there has been a swing towards the use of thin film intumescent coatings to achieve same traditional results.

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