About us ( ISO Certified )
Mags Novel is an associate of M/s Fiber Shield Inc, USA who are world leaders in manufacturing specialty chemical formulations serving as very useful protection media for both household and commercial applications. Mags Novel has been has been dealing in following two products through reputed furnishing stores since last over ten years:

Spill Repellent:

Treatment makes all kinds of fabric (upholstery, carpets, curtains, suits, sarees and any other kind of fabric – natural or man made) spill resistant, keeps stains, dirt away and helps fabric remain spotless and fresh much longer.

Additionally it also provides UV resistance upto 450 hours for outdoor use.

Flame Retardant:

Treatment makes all kinds of fabric (wood and paper as well) safe from fire. Treated material does not catch fire eliminating any risk of fire spreading through these mediums.

Both these products are well known and have been well tested over period for quality. The long list of esteemed clients includes President and Parliament Houses, Hotel chains (Taj, Radisson, Jaypee, Meridian, ITC), Various Airlines, Airport Authority and Indian Railways, Defence Services of India, United Nations / WHO, Godrej, Nestle, Sahara group, major banks etc. etc. and thousands of household retails customers.